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announces an
for the elementary and secondary schools


The open competition is intended for employees in the elementary and secondary schools, whose work, within the project “The Exchange of Experience Using Information Technologies”, represent the example of good practice in education and accomplishing educational goals by using the Information Technologies.

If you are a classroom teacher/subject teacher or expert in the elementary or secondary school, and you implement innovations in education and want to share it with your colleagues, we invite you to participate in the open competition and thereby contribute to the exchange of the examples of good practice.

The open competition includes four categories of work:
1st Category – elementary school works for I-IV grades;
2nd Category – elementary School works for V-VIII grades;
3rd Category – high school works;
4th Category – secondary and art schools works.

Teams of three members working in the elementary or secondary school have the right to participate in the open competition. The condition is that at least two team members have realized educational work in the category of the competition they submitted the work for. One team member can be engaged in several teams, and each team can sign up for the open competition with only one work.

It is necessary that all interested teams sign up for the open competition by registering on the website of the Institute for the Improvement of the Education, on the following address: www.zuov.gov.rs or on the website of the project “Creative School”: www.kreativnaskola.rs.

The time period for team registration and work delivery in all four categories is from December 1st 2011 up to March 1st 2012.

The work should represent the lesson topic that can be realized at least in one class, and maximum in three classes. It is important that the work contains innovation in educational and learning process, that it can be implemented in pedagogy and that it enables students to actively participate in educational and learning process. Registered works should develop critical thinking among students, about which you can read more on the Institute’s website www.zuov.gov.rs. The work should be represented in requested PowerPoint Presentation template, which can be downloaded from the Institute’s website. The size of presentation must be 3 MB (in zipped or original PPT form).

Download information about critical thinking

The results of the open competition will be announced in May 2012. Formal award ceremony is planned to be at the end of the school year in June 2012.

Top 3 works in each of the four categories will be awarded:

  • 1st prize: notebook for each member of the team;
  • 2nd prize: digital camera for each member of the team;
  • 3rd prize: webcam for each member of the team.

All works that represent the examples of good educational practice, according to the opinion of selection committee, will be included into publically available “Knowledge Base” – www.kreativnaskola.rs.

Any additional information can be obtained from the Institute’s website www.zuov.gov.rs or via phone number: 011/208-19-08.

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